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ElValWeb is for enabling validation with EntLib 5.0 Application Validation block in the natural for MVC 2 way. Actualy there is powerfull validation support out of the box, wich is described in Scott Gu's post.
This validation feature in MVC 2 is very extensible, wich is described here here. So we are not limited to use only DataAnnotations attributes to enable validation for our MVC 2 web applications.
There is two kind of validation when we are talk about web aplications - server side and client side.
Server side validation must always be presented in the application not to make holes in security, but it's not very convinient to user. It needs postbbacks wich take time.
That's why client side validation is also very important. It makes users happy.
And the greate thing in MVC 2 is that now we can take two for the price of one. Earlier xVal project made it possible, but now it's a built in feature.
Thanks to extensibility everyone can take advantages of new validation implementation and extend it for using his favorite validation fromework.
So if your's favorite validation framework is EntLib 5.0 Application Validation Block - you probably should be interested in ElValWeb.


ElVaWeb is extreamly small and simple project. Actualy this is implementation of ModelValidatorProvider class.
Implementation of the server side validation is taken from Brad Wilson's blog post (hope he does not mind)
Client side validation implementation is uniq and presented only in this project, and this is what makes it usefull.

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