Project Description

The goal of the project to create full featured implementation of ModelValidatorProvider for Enterprise Library Application Validation Block, wich would make client validation for ASP.NET MVC 2 with ELAVB as powerful as server side.

The whole project for implementation of one class?

Yes. This is very small project < 300 lines of c# code and several JavaScript functions. But never the less I think it's useful, it has some interesting features implemented and more to implement :) I'm realy hope for community help, and that together we'll be able to create realy nice peace of code. At the end of the roadmap I hope that this project will become a part of the MVCContrib project.

Reasons for creating this project

There been a huge changes in validation mechanism in MVC 2 framework, wich brought validation to the new level of easyness. Validation now easy to use and highly extensible, with client validation out of the box using DataAnnotations attributes. If you are not familiar whith validation in MVC 2 read Scott's Gu post
There are a lot of wonderfull validation frameworks available - and everyone can choose the on he likes. So if you like EntLib Application Validation Block - you'd probably would like to use it in your new MVC 2 application, and of course you'd be glad to use client validation features. So I just could not find implementation for client validation for ELAVB and decided to implement it by myself.


To get a full picture of what this library can do at the client - download source code with sample project included.

Need help

The initial project functionality will be sufficient for 80% to 90% of users I hope. But there are some things should be implemented to make ElValWeb provide full featured client validation with ELAVB. And that is why I'm lloking for people who an conribute. This project must be the most simple on CodePlex :) so it is not hard to understand how it work (less then 20 min I think) and help to improve it. Read what need to be improved here.


It's simple
  • El for Enterprise Library
  • Val for validation
  • Web for MVC 2 :)


Features Implemented
Features to implement

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